Uncloaking White Tribalism

Note that I’m preaching to the choir in this post.

In these times, U.S. national security isn’t about banning people of a certain religion or building a wall. It’s about keeping us safe from ourselves and our domestic demons. As I write this post, the most dangerous one is white nationalism.

It’s obvious why white nationalism is on the rise. It’s backlash against the fact that a negro man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama legitimately held executive authority over the greatest country in the world for eight consecutive years. According to the white nationalist/white supremacist playbook, that was never supposed to happen. Their script was flipped, and their hearts have been exploding with fury ever since.

White nationalists have sought to disguise their worldview as economic anxiety and genuine concern over border security. They must do this because evil can only survive if it is hidden, and it can only thrive if it is hidden in plain sight.

The best way to defeat the darkness is with light.

Don’t waste your pearls of wisdom by confronting white nationalists, and don’t try to gently educate them. Instead, strive to be a living example of how to be a better human. It’s when we as a nation transcend tribalism that we become our best ally and achieve true greatness.

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